Energy Management Department

Energy Management Department

In efforts to achieve sustainability and a comfortable environment for our tenants, the Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation has made substantial renovations and upgrades to conserve energy within our building portfolio. The BAALDC has a designated energy department within our organization that closely monitors the way our buildings use energy. Our efforts to conserve water, electricity, natural gas and heating oil have been achieved through our active participation in the Weatherization Program, the Multifamily Conservation programs through NYSERDA & Con Edison, Green Communities, and the DEP Toilet Rebate Program.

Our energy conservation projects include:

  • High efficiency water fixtures such as shower aerators, faucets and toilet replacements;
  • Electricity upgrades such as high efficiency interior and exterior lighting,motion sensors and fixtures;
  • Digital Boiler controls that allow remote monitoring and automatic adjustment based on outside temperatures and interior temperature sensors.
  • Window Replacements; Insulation of our DHW pipes, roofs and weather-sealing of our windows and doorways for heat retention.

The energy department monitors the success of our efforts by generating monthly, quarterly and annual reports to compare performance against prior years and against buildings of similar size. These reports provide data that identifies high consumption, wasted energy, excessive water usage, possible leaks and poor performance. Identifying these issues quickly enables us to service our buildings promptly and avoid further issues.

In addition, the energy department diligently follows the commodities market and negotiates future contracts for purchasing electricity, natural gas and oil. Our buildings participate in the Multifamily Conservation Water Program which requires participants to have high efficiency water fixtures and remote access to water meter readings. Over the past several years, the BAALDC has been working on a cogeneration project at 1201 Findlay Ave, which will not only reduce the energy consumed by the building, but will actually generate its own energy. The BAALDC is proud to be a part of this new cogeneration project and its advanced technology, because most other community- based organizations have not yet pursued these options. If the cogeneration system proves to be as groundbreaking as we anticipate, we will be planning to implement these new systems in our larger future projects. The BAALDC has a proven track record of successfully rehabilitating and preserving the housing community here in the Bronx. Our continued efforts to reduce the cost and consumption of energy has created a comfortable living environment for our tenants and a large portfolio of properly maintained buildings with excellent performance and efficiency.

For more information on our energy department, please contact the main office at 1-(718)-295-2882

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