Belmont Arthur Avenue LDC Senior Bus

capacity, handicapped accessible

Belmont Arthur Avenue

LDC Senior Bus

If you would like to help defray the cost of the transportation service that we provide for our seniors, a donation can be made to the Belmont Arthur Avenue Local Development Corporation (BAALDC). The yearly operational cost of the Senior Bus is $13,000. Please note that since we are a 501 C3 Not-for-profit organization, your contribution is tax-deductible.

The Council of Belmont Organizations (COBO)

The Council of Belmont Organizations (COBO), an affiliate of BAALDC, has been providing services to the Belmont community since July of 1973. Over the years, COBO has acted as a conduit between the various federal, state, and city services. These services range from social security, food stamps, welfare, SCRIE applications (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption), HEAP applications (Home Energy Assistance Program), and assistance in applying for affordable housing in and around the Belmont community. Although the organization is funded through monies provided by the City of New York,

The Council of Belmont Organizations (COBO)

COBO has experienced a short fall of dollars in order to maintain a full complement of services to this vulnerable senior population. In addition to English and Spanish language services, this is the only organization throughout the entire county of the Bronx that provides services to both Italian and Albanian dominant populations. If you would like to assist the ongoing and important work of COBO, they are also a 501 C3 Not-for-profit organization and therefore any contribution donated is also tax deductible.