HPD Loan Programs

In effort to proactively improve and preserve the city’s low income housing stock, the BAALDC and HPD has sustained their relationship in promoting various community service funded programs that are listed below. All the programs mentioned are funding by NYC Housing Preservation and Development.

I. Neighborhood Preservation Consultant Program, (NPCP)

The NPCP (Neighborhood Preservation Consultant Program) is a landlord-oriented assistance program which provides anti-abandonment and preservation services to property owners, particularly by assisting HPD in implementing its Neighborhood Preservation Strategy. HPD contracts with community-based organizations like BAALDC to perform a wide range of housing and neighborhood preservation functions including working with owners and tenants to maintain or restore buildings to a structurally and fiscally sound condition. The role of the BAALDC consultants is to work cohesively with landlords and tenants, in order for owners to maintain their properties efficiently and protect tenants from being displaced.


The primary focus of these services is to identify and survey distressed properties in Community Boards 1, 3, and 6, of the Bronx. After a thorough investigation of the property, BAALDC consultants reach out to the owners and discuss the deficiencies identified in their properties. This provides an opportunity for the owners to correct the identified violations and/or conditions in order to avoid being fined. Over the past decade, BAALDC consultants have conducted and submitted well over 1500 property surveys to HPD Division of Anti Abandonment of the Bronx. In addition to our onsite visits, our consultants also conduct community meetings which focus on providing owners and tenants with information related to housing maintenance, legal responsibilities, violation removal, and assistance in accessing financial loans from HPD and other private institutions.

II. Community Consultant Program (CCP)

and the Housing Preservation Initiative (HPI)

The CCP (Community Consultant Program) and HPI (Housing Preservation Initiative) programs are funded by the NYC Council, discretionary funding awards and administered by HPD. The programs are implemented and funded on an annual basis with a pre-approved mandate and scope suggested by BAALDC, and approved by HPD. Since its inception, the BAALDC has been continuously funded and has received an “excellent/superior” HPD evaluation based on the execution of these program services. The services primarily focus on providing the following services in Bronx Community Boards 1,2,3 and 6 although assistance is open to any NYC resident. The CCP and HPI primary interventions and assistance focus on:

Housing Preservation-
  • Assisting tenants of private and/or City owned properties in obtaining emergency repairs/services, and making proper referrals when necessary to other service providers or enforcement agencies.
  • Provide assistance with housing applications such as SCRIE (Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption) program, SECTION-8, HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program), WRAP (Weatherization Referral and Packing Program), IT-214 Tax Credit Program, and STAR (School Tax Relief) application.
  • Prepare tenants for court appearance/assist in referral to legal aide.
  • Assist displaced/homeless individuals in securing housing through NYCHA (New York City Housing Authority).
  • Provide assistance for tenant associations in regards to how to effectively communicate with non-compliant landlords.
  • Conduct seminars and workshops to inform community members on all NYC housing services.
  • Tenant distribution and routine mailings of housing assistance programs.
  • Provides direct assistance to NYPD in the reporting of Narcotics and other Criminal complaints and helps promote the NYPD “Clean Halls Program”.

Although the contract of the services mandates that we primarily focus on housing related issues, the BAALDC does not turn away any tenant/resident who may be seeking services other than housing. We have assisted residents with food stamps applications, Medicaid applications, HEAP program applications, immigration inquiries, educational opportunities. We also partner with other local service providers such as fraternal, religious and civic organizations, which allow us to become more resourceful in providing the above described services. The services are provided on a funding year-fiscal schedule; from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.

III. HPD “LEAD” Primary Prevention Program (PPP)

Through an HPD issued RFQ (Request for Qualification) the BAALDC was first selected in July of 2011 with a two-year funded award grant, to assist HPD in identifying properties built before 1960 that displayed signs of Lead deterioration and other housing hazards in units occupied bylow-income and at-risk households. Our contractual primary obligation was to identify at-risk multiple dwellings in designated Bronx Community Districts in which deterioration of LEAD paint existed and work with the owner to file an application for the assessment and qualification of the property. BAALDC consultants also assisted the owners with submission of required documents, and facilitate their participation and communication with HPD staff. BAALDC referred 6 multiple dwellings in Community Board 6 of the Bronx for a total of 106 treated, affordable housing units.In addition we assisted HPD and NYC DOH (Department of Health) in referring over 50 contractors and maintenance workers to attend the Free Lead Safe Work Practice which certified individuals as Lead Safe Worker-renovators.

In January of 2016 the BAALDC was re-selected to assist HPD with a new PPP Grant which will run for two consecutive funding cycles, commencing June 1st 2016 - May 30th 2018. In this funding cycle, the PPP is available to all residential buildings of the Bronx, including 1-3 family units, owner occupied. The qualified properties can receive up to $10,000 per apartment in grant money none of which has to be paid back. We aim to assist HPD in referring no less than 10 multiple dwelling to participate in the program. Any property owner interested in participating can directly contact HPD PPP program at 1-212-863-6811 / 1-212-863-8656 or contact BAALDC directly at 718-295-2882 Ext 154 for program details and qualification requirements.

The LDC currently maintains offices located at 660 East 183 Street Bronx NY 10458, out of which we conduct all of our housing related services including the CCP, and the HPD, NPC sponsored Programs. The offices and all other related space are easily accessible to people with mobile disabilities as we have ground level parking, handicapped ramps at front and rear of our entrances, and two elevators which are equipped with Braille identification for each floor leading to the LDC operating offices. We are also equipped with community space/meeting room wherein we conduct presentations and meetings and it is handicap accessible.